As a college student in Manhattan, you have nearly endless possibilities at your fingertips. You can experience the culture, art, sports, activism, opportunities for good health, and so much more. New York City is a collective mix of people, cultures, languages, and food.  One of the things New York isContinue Reading

The health care industry is widely known to prioritize patient safety and data confidentiality. However, as a result of ongoing budgeting difficulties within this sector, many facilities are operating on outdated technology that is leaving them vulnerable to physical incidents as well as cybersecurity attacks. Continuing to operate with suchContinue Reading

Helping a loved one cope with memory loss is admirable even if it’s a simple as helping your loved ones find the medical care they need. When a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, it progresses in seven stages. The seven stages are known to medical professionals as the Global DeteriorationContinue Reading